Star bounty


Star Bounty is a new futuristic-themed casino game hitting the casinos soon. The theme of Star Bounty is a mixture of space, race and gun battle. It is the ultimate game of skill and luck because winning it is all about strategy. There are two versions of Star Bounty that you can play. One is the non-stop, action-packed version, while the other is a progressive version that presents different challenges and offers the gamer more chances to score big jackpots. Both versions of Star Bounty are based on the original storyline of the movie, which made it very popular and sought after movie-goers worldwide.

With its futuristic theme, the aim of the game is to earn more points by doing certain actions in the casinos. There are many items and upgrades present in this game, such as upgrades for your ship and weapons. You get a chance to pick up these upgrades through crates or from winning jackpots. Each crate contains one upgrade or the other, and you get to pick one from a certain star cluster, each cluster having a set number of stars pre-set. Some of these clusters have three or four in their group, while some of them only have two. Most of the time, crates come in pairs, and then there are single ones.

The two versions of Star Bounty have different features. In the progressive version of the game, you need to match certain symbols on the reels by spending a certain amount of time on them. On the non-stop version of the game, you are not restricted by the amount of time you can spend on the reels. As soon as you hit on a matching symbol, your reward points are doubled, and the game is on!

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