Pay By SMS at an Online Casino

Most online casino players would prefer to pay by SMS to avoid the hassle of visiting the site. SMS, as it is commonly referred to, is an easy and inexpensive way of paying for your games at an internet casino. The basic payment method is by cash, however, you may also choose to use a Credit Card, Debit Card, eCheck, MoneyBookers. Many online casinos accept all three methods of payment at one time, while some only offer one or two methods. Take time to read of the perks of pay by SMS service of online casinos.

Casinos that operate via SMS have several advantages for players

advantages of pay by SMS

Essentially, an SMS casino is an internet-casino website that accepts a player’s telephone payment from a cell phone. Most casinos that accept such phone payments will let players deposit with their telephone, and then that total will be subtracted from the player’s existing phone bill or prepaid credit, before the payment being debited from their account. There may also be a charge for each transaction. A percentage of these transactions will be charged as “rake,” while any amounts left over will be given to the player as bonus money. These payment methods are commonly used in online casinos where players have the option of playing multiple games. However, some sites allow you to play one game and “cash” your winnings through the use of your credit card.

SMS casinos allow gamblers to make use of the internet to place bids and spin spins on slots and video poker games.  These types of sites feature bonus payments and separate spins, allowing gamblers to place multiple bets. In addition to cash payments, some sites allow users to make use of the deposited bonus funds. The player then uses the credit card to make a single payment for all of the money that has been withdrawn from the account. Some casinos will allow both methods, with each method offering its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Pay by SMS feature allows you to make payments online as soon as they are placed

This is convenient because you can avoid the hassle of visiting each site individually. Each site accepts payment methods through different payment networks. Some online casinos allow you to make payments while playing, and then deposit the winnings directly into your bank account.

The best way to decide which online casinos allow you to play via SMS is to review their payment options. Different sites will offer different payment methods. There is also a wide range of payment rates. Be sure to review all of the payment options before choosing which casino you want to play.

The use of pay by SMS allows the casinos to keep their wagering requirements and bonuses consistent with other online casinos. A player does not need to print out additional paperwork or receipts for using bonuses. There are no taxes or transaction fees either. This is perfect for players who don’t wish to pay extra tax or wagering fees to use the casino.

Some sites that offer pay by SMS will give casino bonus features for new members

These welcome bonuses can be used to purchase items or redeem entry bonuses for prizes. Many casinos use this as a sales promotion. Players can text ‘words like ‘winsome’ to 810 followed by the number to receive a 10% welcome bonus. You can then use the welcome bonus funds to make purchases at the casino or redeem them for gifts. This is the perfect way to get started in playing at a site.

Players can use these bonuses to purchase their slots, table games, poker and blackjack software, tournament entries, VIP bonuses, cash advances, and more. This allows players to enjoy the games without the worry of paying high wagering requirements. Casinos encourage player participation. They provide incentives for winning games by offering special prizes and entry into the sweepstakes. All of these activities require minimal deposits and withdrawal fees.

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