Captain Cooks Casino Review

Captain Cooks Casino Review

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Captain Cooks Casino is amongst the top online casinos available today. With almost a decade behind the scene, Captain Cooks Casino delivers gamblers an extensive, detailed tour of the world’s offshore gambling industry, complete with a veritable hoard of the classic slots and progressive card games you’d expect.


Captain Cooks Casino caters to a diverse range of interests, from strictly gaming, to non-gaming services

Captain Cooks Casino gaming, bonuses and services

They boast a unique range of services for those who prefer to gamble elsewhere than their normal home. This review will take a closer look at some of these offerings and explore whether or not they meet your expectations.

What are the offers at Captain Cooks Casino that players will benefit from? Firstly, the welcome bonus is undoubtedly generous. As part of a two-year deal with the Captain Cooks Casino, guests can partake of generous welcome bonuses when making initial deposits. The welcome bonus is a percentage of slot machine winnings, so if you manage to win five jackpots or better you’ll be eligible for fifty percent off your next withdrawal.

A welcome bonus may not sound like much, but it certainly adds up over time. That said, this does tend to skew towards new customers, and thus a review on a more neutral website might give a more accurate reflection. Nonetheless, as part of a limited-time offer, many slot machines are placed on special offers, such as bonus days, that tend to attract a younger audience.

The welcome bonuses may not be enough to keep new customers away, however. Fortunately, Captain Cooks Casino has also made it possible for players to make use of their unparalleled customer service resources. In addition to the two years of exclusive experience afforded by the Captain Cooks brand, players can also register with the site via telephone, online chat, or via the dedicated Helpdesk feature.

While the customer service representatives cannot personally assist new customers, they do have a range of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) listed on the website, which should enable new players to get answers to frequently asked questions straight away.

Although not strictly part of the terms and conditions of gambling at the Captain Cooks Casino, many online casinos include a no-deposit bonus feature. On the site, players must register as a “Neteller” to begin wagering. Neteller is allowed to make deposits as well, but these require them to open a VIP account, which has its own set of banking requirements. Neteller is usually required to open an offline account at a bank to withdraw cash or to receive any payments associated with online wagering.

Online casino players who wager to receive cash bonuses (which are often referred to as “wagering caps”) may also be subject to a time-limit restriction. The maximum amount of time that they may wager is specified on the gaming house’s website, and most often, this cap is ten days. This time limit can be increased for a player at any time, but once it has been reached, the player must wait until another wagering period has commenced before being able to increase his or her wagering limit again. The exact details of each online casino’s time-limit policy may vary, and you will want to read the details of all such casino features when you sign up for online casino play.


They offer a variety of casino games which are among the top betting games offered by the gambling industry worldwide

As you might expect, there is a great deal of excitement surrounding both live and online gambling here, and players can experience a true thrill when playing against other international players. There are over 400 tables available, and this includes both land-based and online slot machines.

There are also a great many video gaming areas, and players can enjoy a large-screen television and choose from a variety of quality movie channels. The casino is fully equipped with all of the modern technology that you would find in any high-end facility, including digital poker boards.

One of the best things about the Captain Cooks Casino is that it allows players to make use of their Internet accounts at any time they like. This is important because the casino games offered here are completely virtual, and you don’t need to have a traditional credit card to play. You will simply be required to complete a basic account verification, and then you can start playing immediately. This is just one of many ways that online gambling establishments are improving their customer service practices to attract and retain more high-quality customers.

When you play at the Captain Cooks Casino, you will have access to some of the best slot games, as well as progressive slot games. These games provide the ultimate thrill for both the slots players and the regular video poker players. It is highly recommended to visit the official site for more information on these and other great gambling venues in the region.

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